Fluids Division

this division has expertise in the branch of Mechanics that comprises
the Mechanics of Fluids

knowledge, let it flow

Our laboratory facilities of 900 m2 are ready to perform any kind of test with fluids. Hydraulic and pneumatic power systems provides flow for actuators, machines or any kind of required setup. Several data acquisition systems, instrumentation, cameras and sensors will assist you to find the optimal test setup for your research purposes. Additional facilities includes a wind tunnel and high computation performance.

we support industries in all those research, development and innovation activities that involve the design, analysis and testing of fluids

current innovation research trends

  • The design, modeling, and experimental characterization of fluid-dynamic, oleohydraulic, and pneumatic components (pumps, valves, injectors, linear and rotary actuators, etc.) in terms of efficiency, energy loss, instability, and cavitation, static resistance, and dynamics, noise level and life cycle.

  • Advancing towards green and circular engineering through the optimization of oleohydraulic energy transmission components and systems (for industrial and mobile machinery "off-road") in terms of functionality and connectivity, energy consumption, environmental compatibility, noise emissions and recyclability.

  • The design and technological development of mini-micro-nano fluidic components (by dosing, mixing, dispersion ... etc.). For applications related to biotechnology and others.

  • Training and awareness-raising activities between the university and the industrial and business fabric, in both directions: from the university to the company (beneficiary: the technical staff) and from the company to the university (beneficiary: the student of engineering and researchers). The transfer of knowledge from the research center to industry: teaching innovation to future work in engineering.


Laboratory for innovation in
Fluid Power Systems


Industrial and Aeronautical Fluid Dynamics applicattions


Micro and nano fluidic devices for engineering, health and communications