Materials and Structures

this division has expertise in the branch of Mechanics that comprises
the Strength of Materials and the Mechanics of Deformable Solids

knowledge is the strength

Our laboratory facilities of 300 m2 are ready to perform any kind of mechanical test in the range of loads up to 250 kN under static and low frequency dynamics. Our universal machines can test coupons of any material up to 300 kN. Several data acquisition systems, instrumentation, sensors and non-destructive technologies, including ultrasounds and modal analysis, will assist you to find the optimal test setup for your research purposes.

we support industries in all those research, development and innovation activities that involve the design, analysis and testing of materials and structures with strength purposes

current innovation research trends

Advanced materials and structural systems

  • FRP & FRCM. Development of new strengthening solutions oriented to sustainable vegetal fibres and green resins.

  • Valorization of waste manufacturing new composite materials.

  • Hybrid structures of concrete and composite

  • Industrialized manufacture of structural elements with large format 3D printing based on cementitious materials.

  • Piezoelectric material deformation properties applkied to energy harvesting.

Mechanical properties from non-destructive testing

  • Modal analysis techniques to characterize mechanical properties of structural elements and materials.

IoT and digital solutions of structural elements

  • IoT in the monitoring of structural elements, combination of sensors and simulation for the active control of structural elements.

  • Digital records and data analysis for structures: BIM and models.

  • Monitoring devices for autonomus vehicles integrated in roads.